3D Printable STL Wargame Terrain Necron Warhammer 40,000 40k Warcaster

On the periphery of the galaxy near the furthest edges of the galactic rim, in orbit around a cold and dying star, lies the small and desolate world of Necrossia, home to the proud but insular Necrossians. A people of ancient provenance and hardy stock, the Necrossians once marched at the forefront of a vast and powerful interstellar empire through their mastery of sophisticated but ill-understood technology rumored to be powered by the souls of the deceased. The planet's rocky and barren landscape is punctuated by massive temple-cities constructed over the planet's arcano-mechanical holy sites, and towering monuments erected to the worship of the Necrossians' mysterious God-Constructs....

Necrossia is designed primarily for 28mm-35mm sci-fi miniatures games, but is easily rescalable and usable for a range of other scales and settings. The terrain's form and aesthetic elements draw inspiration from a variety of science-fiction and historical sources in order to present an environment evocative of an ancient and mysterious civilization distinguished by its advanced technology and perhaps also a grim fascination with the concept of death.

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