Necrossia: Bundle Collection 1


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This is a bundled collection of items from the 3rD Army Terrain: Necrossia range funded by our first Kickstarter campaign

Note: The price will increase as additional items and stretch goals are completed and released, buying early will get you all the released and unreleased items related to the Kickstarter at a lower price. This bundle will only include items connected to our first Kickstarter, future releases unrelated to Kickstarter funding will not be included.


Includes the following released items:

In addition, the following unreleased items are also included. These unreleased items are still a work in progress and will be delivered to you as they are completed:

  • Edifice - The Crypt
  • Monuments - The Gate
  • Monuments - The Throne
  • The Necropolis - Expansion: Decorative Floorplans 1
  • The Necropolis - Expansion: Decorative Floorplans 2
  • The Necropolis - Expansion: Interior Accessways
  • The Necropolis - Expansion: Large Floorplans
  • The Necropolis - Expansion: Parapets and Wall Decor
  • The Necropolis - Expansion: Simple Floorplans
  • Plus More Fun Surprises to be revealed!

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