Necrossia: The Grand Plaza


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Life and death amongst the Necrossian peoples revolves around monuments. While it is not unheard of for isolated and singular monuments to be erected in windswept backwaters and inhospitable wildernesses, the majority can be found sited in the heart of Necrossian civilization itself. Such is the importance of these structures that entire squares, courtyards, and plazas within the Necrossian grave-cities are built around these dark monoliths and towering spires to highlight their prominence. 

The Grand Plaza is a modular terrain system, similar to the Necropolis, which allows you to build an enclosed decorative area for you to display your Monuments (sold separately), such as a town square, plaza, or courtyard. The Grand Plaza is built from a number of tiles, each 6" x 6" square, that can be fit together to create plaza layouts in a number of different sizes and configurations, including the option to add a wrap-around elevated walkway. The Grand Plaza can be built and fielded as a standalone terrain piece on your table, or you can use the adapter tiles to integrate it into a larger Necropolis layout!

NOTE - Monuments are not included and are sold separately, shown in images for demonstration purposes only. Refer to Parts Catalog for complete listing of product contents.


Over 140 Files, including:

  • 14 different Grand Plaza tiles, each in 2 different styles.
  • 72 Hex Barriers to customize your grand plaza layout.
  • 4 Walkway sections, including 3 different corner designs.
  • 3 different Walkway Parapet systems, plus 4 more standalone parapet fins.

Reference Documents

The Grand Plaza, Parts Catalog

The Grand Plaza, Assembly Guide

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