Necrossia: Monuments - The Cenotaph


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Towering obelisks which point to the heavens and monolithic fixtures of dark stone built in observance of mysterious rites are common in Necrossian architecture. There is much debate amongst intellectuals and academics as to the purpose and meaning of these monuments; in the mainstream it is commonly accepted that they are purely ornamental, although fringe theorists insist that they serve a more functional purpose than most people realize. Only the Necrossian people know for certain, but they have offered observers little in the way of an explanation.

The Cenotaph is a rarer monument amongst the Necrossians, and is generally afforded a greater deference and reverence than is commonly encountered with other monuments found across Necrossian space. No two Cenotaphs are quite identical, and it has been suggested that they house the entombed remains of fallen heroes of the Necrossian people.

The Cenotaph is a large monument, 8" (200mm) in height with a footprint of approximately 4"x2" (100mmx50mm) that is about 5.5"x4" (140x97mm) across at its widest points. The main body of the Cenotaph prints in a single piece, plus six pieces for the finials on either side of its upper section, and six pieces for the tips of the vents on either side of its base.


Includes the files necessary to print The Cenotaph, plus 4 different Finial designs to customize it.

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Change Log

23 November 2020 - v1.1 - Updated with three additional finial designs.