Necrossia: Monuments - The Columns


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Towering obelisks which point to the heavens and monolithic fixtures of dark stone built in observance of mysterious rites are common in Necrossian architecture. There is much debate amongst intellectuals and academics as to the purpose and meaning of these monuments; in the mainstream it is commonly accepted that they are purely ornamental, although fringe theorists insist that they serve a more functional purpose than most people realize. Only the Necrossian people know for certain, but they have offered observers little in the way of an explanation.

Columns are ubiquitous across Necrossian architecture and come in an infinite number of sizes and styles. They can be found supporting elevated walkways and overhanging structures, in neat rows lining grand boulevards of the Necrossian cities, and on their own as solitary memorials to unknowable events.

The Columns are set of four monuments, one small, one medium, and two large. The small Column is 1.25" (33mm) in diameter and 4" (100mm) tall. The medium column is 2.25" (56mm) in diameter and 6" (150mm) tall. The large columns are 2" (50mm) in diameter, flaring out to 3.5" (90mm) at their widest point, and 8" (200mm) tall. The columns are each designed to print in a single piece, but alternative files for the large column are included which allows you to print them in two pieces for greater quality - the main body, and one of two different top sections.

The Columns are very versatile monuments - the small and medium Columns can be laid down on their sides acting as cylindrical wall sections, or even stacked on top of one another in a pyramidal fashion - perhaps representing piles of alien power cores or cylindrical containers to block line of sight to sections of your table.


Four single-piece columns, plus an alternative set of files for the large columns featuring a body and two different top designs.

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