Necrossia: The Necropolis - Expansion: Grand Stairways


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Vast and imposing cities set upon ancient arcano-mechanical foundations, stately temple-complexes of the Necrossian mortuary-cults, and palatial funerary-estates that house both the living and the dead of the Necrossian elite, these structures built of dark metallic stone punctuate the surface of Necrossia and other worlds of the vestigial Necrossian Star-Empire. Scholars and explorers will commonly refer to one of these structures as a Necropolis, or Necropoli in the plural. Much like icebergs, only a small fragment of them are ever really visible, the majority of their incomprehensible bulk extending deep into the planet's mantle, housing treasures of unthinkable value and mysteries of unfathomable darkness.

Necrossian cities are often referred to as "Cities of a Million Steps" due to their multi-layered layouts which necessitate stairways in order to facilitate travel up and down the tiers of the city. Often, one can judge the importance or wealth of  an area or structure by the grandiose and ornate stairs that lead to them.

This is an expansion to The Necropolis system and requires The Necropolis - Core in order to be utilized. This expansion adds a range of stair options to The Necropolis with 1" (25mm) and 2" (50mm) wide steps large enough to place models on them, as opposed to the stairs found in the core set which are designed to minimize their footprint in order to ease play. Additionally, the Expansion includes a range of decorative features in order to enhance the presence of the stairs and your Necropolis structures as a whole!


68 Files, including:

  • 24 Stair files in four different styles.
  • 27 Accessory files featuring a range of connectors, dividers, and edge details.
  • A range of additional wall types used to integrate the grand stairways into the structure of your Necropolis designs.

Reference Documents

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